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Why manufacture in the UK?
  • Quick Turnaround - With no middle/third party involvement, it minimizes the logistics, in turn providing a much quicker service to our customers.
  • Communication - It can be challenging to communicate your vision to a manufacturer, considerably more so when dealing with companies abroad. That is why we take extra precautionary steps through each process to ensure that we execute the final product with customer satisfaction.
  • Environmentally friendly - The advantage of having garments manufactured in the UK as opposed to importing from other countries is that it would reduce the negative impact on the environment.
  • Boost our economy - The UK was once seen as the top in regards to garment manufacturing. We aim to rebuild that reputation and encourage more employment/business within this thriving industry.
Is manufacturing overseas cheaper?

A common misconception is that manufacturing overseas is cheaper. While that may be true in some cases, it does not reflect other costs involved. It is also worth noting that the time and efficiency are not direct costs, but if not handled/considered properly, can be costly for the business/individual. Some examples are:

  • Transportation fees.
  • Import Tariffs/taxes.
  • Agent fees - If purchasing through an agent.
  • Average order times of 4-12 weeks - A buyer would have to predict trends months in advance getting it wrong could prove costly.
  • Cost of time spent away to meet with the factory.
  • Courier charges for sending samples back and forth to ensure the garment is just right.
  • Fluctuations in currency - Buying in a foreign currency could lead to unpredictable price increases.
  • Language barrier - If designs/ideas are not communicated properly, it can be misconstrued thus losing more time and money.
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